18th West Coast Protein Crystallography Workshop

About Asilomar


Map of Asilomar The Asilomar Conference Center is located on the Pacific Ocean at the end of Highway 68 in Pacific Grove, California.

The closest airport to Asilomar is Monterey Airport which is served by several airlines. Ground transportation is available via taxi. Driving directions are outlined below; parking is available on the Asilomar grounds.


When arriving from the North or South on State Route 101, turn West at Salinas onto Highway 68 and proceed to the Asilomar Gateposts at the end of the highway. When using State Route 1, either North or Southbound, turn West onto Highway 68 in Carmel and proceed as above.

To find out more about Asilomar Conference Center, please see http://www.asilomarcenter.com.


There are many options for lodging offsite, but in close proximity to, Asilomar. We've listed them out in a PDF file for you.
Download Offsite Lodging List (PDF)